Monday, February 27, 2012

My Brother's wedding!

Oh! It hasn't dawned on me yet that my one and only brother is married!! And to one of the sweetest girls I know. He could't have picked a better woman to be united with. I love to see them together. They are so in love with one another, It's beautiful to see how God works in all our lives and especially in these. Seeing how God has planned who we will be with and spend our lives with. It just amazes me! Their wedding was just amazing! It was that fairy tail wedding that she wanted and everything was perfect. It was at a gorgeous plantation home and ended so beautifully! They are now enjoying their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico! . . .but of coarse there isn't  any wedding without it's stories.. :D So when I'm sharing some pictures with y'all, I'll throw in some stories!
Now I'm not the photographer in the family. That would be Katey...My camera wasn't fit to take the pictures of the wedding, and the reception room, well the lighting was just annoying so I couldn't take any..and if any, horrible ones. But I got some pictures of us girls around the plantation home the day before the wedding. and I also got a couple of the ceremony. not good ones, but they're pictures...If you want to see the real professional looking pictures of the wedding, then you'll have to go see Katey's photography blog when she posts them. But for now, I'm just posting some that I took. I'm going to do it chronologically...from when we first got there to before we left. . .

We'll start out with soon as she got the chance  to take pictures, she did! like as soon as we got to the plantation
home! :)

I loved the background..the grass and sky!

Oh Emily!

Haha! Katey's pictures are a lot better than mine, but I love getting back round pictures! It's interesting to see what happens behind the camera..

Okay, the deal was, the weather temp was in the lower 50's...but the wind was piercing! of coarse, because it is right across the street from the MS you know I would leave my sneakers at home and accidentally have Emily's white flip flops in the car. yes, that was a huge mistake leaving my shoes at home, but at least I had shoes and not had to wear my little heals that I brought for the wedding. :/ But let me tell you, my feet and toes were numb and frozen by the time we went inside. 

All the path ways were just beautiful!
At this plantation home, they had two kumquat trees...I grew up on eating these little fruits..If my grandma wouldn't give me anything to eat,  I'd just go run outside and get myself full of of these.  :D  

okay, Katey taking a picture of me, while I'm taking a pic of Emily, while Emily takes a pic of me. This was NOT planned.

I want to live here ;)

This was Katey's idea..

So there's a little story to this picture. we were all taking pictures minding our own business when Katey sees some guy walking our way...y'all all know Katey, (aka Drama queen..we love you Katey) so she calls emily to come to her...but Emily didn't realize that's why we were calling her to she didn't come. Then she called her about three more times until she came and them Katey started fussing at her about why we were calling her and then Emily (as you can see in the pic) started crying...pore baby, wander if she was scared becuase of the guy or Katey fussing at her. :) 

"the pics that you don't know about because you're trying to tell  the person taking it to take it in 3 seconds"..those are the funny ones.

It had 2 HUGE tennis courts! awesome, right?

This room was so beautiful. The coordinator said that if it would  rain during the ceremony, we would have the ceremony in this gorgeous...makes me think of pride and Prejudice.

Bet you can't wait to see Katey's pictures!

It was sooo hair looks like I have a uni-brow. lol..haha. no really, it was so windy it hurt my ears!

We walked to the top of the levee to see the MS river, and I see this cross. *gulp* 

Tell me what you think?

Nottoway had the prettiest flowers! 

So many beautiful Oak Trees!

I liked playing tennis with my Daddy. He's a really good player!


This was the next morning( their wedding day) all the guys went out to play tennis and basket ball. I, of coarse came when they stopped playing. But I got a few on Katey's camera but you'll have to wait for those! any who, that's Allan on the Left (one of My brother's closest friends he has know for forever) and my brother to the right. 

John playing all by his lonesome
Them again :)

I'll go in order from the left...Jonathan, Wasuna ( I don't know how to spell his name) drinking water,  Allen,  Jonathan Hines ( the big guy) and Steven (sitting down) :) 

look how beautiful my Emmy is...she was the junior bridesmaid/flower girl helper.  
:) my baby sister
This was their wedding cake...might I add, one of the best cake I have ever tasted in my life!!! :D 

This was the grooms cake! Lol...I just love it. it's how actual business card! That's just too hilarious!

I liked the rose peddles for the isle...And there were wayyy more people there than in this picture..every seat was taken.

The groomsmen were more emotional than the lie. a couple of them teared up. 

My brother looks so happy! 

The way this one came out was so horribly bright that I had to go black and white for you to see the actual faces of the groomsmen!

That's her dad that's beside her and her brother in front of her...but her father also married them! It was quite nice, and unique..I liked it

Look at her face!

They're lighting their unity candle! how sweet!


Their kiss! Katey has a lot better pictures..I was sitting in a pretty bad "picture taking" position

I only took two pictures of the ceremony because that's how bad the lighting was..and they're both of Katey. :)

This picture too, was taken in horrible lighting...It was after the wedding. We went to the pool hall and had a little fun.

Here is a picture with a very interesting story! alright, so I bought this dress before the wedding. I had bought another dress before this one but I was having so many problems with it being too big or just something wrong with it period. so I bought this one as a back up. Well it was a good thing because my other dress was still too big right before the wedding...I knew that this dress had a little zipper problem but I thought it was only bent and that no one would notice it. Boy was I wrong. We had about 20 minutes before the wedding when Katey was like " Rachel, I have bad news for you..your dress is ripped" Those are the worlds I never would have dreamed of hearing. especially that close to the wedding.. It happened to be that the zipper went undone off the track.. it wasn't my fault and it was like that when I bought it but didn't realize it . So as you can probably guess, I started to go into panic mode...but someone came to the rescue. it was Amelia's mother's mother. She is a seamstress. who'd knew, right! haha..So she said the only thing she could do is sew me right into the dress. Well she did. she sewed me till it was uncomfortable. very! I was wanted to change after the wedding ceremony but had no one to rip me out my I had to stay in this uncomfortable dress all night long.  lol by the end of the night, that's the damage. a 1 inch peek hole. I was just grateful the thread didn't pop and the whole thing fall of of me. at the reception..well at least the pictures won't have my back showing!

Wel this is a dark picture...we took a walk at night after the wedding!

Yes, I'm wearing the same shirt as the day before...I forgot a lot of stuff, including clothes...oh well


These are just some pictures  I was having fun with That night in bed. Lol...I'm so random!

This was the plane that the newly-weds were in...On there way to Cancun, Mexico! 

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed seeing how my weekend was. It was one I'll never forget...Y'all be looking to see all the pictures Katey took. :)