Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Week. . .

I'm sad that my week has to end. . .It was quite enjoyable and entertaining. It's not every week you get to have your silly fun cousins over and spend time with you for a few days. I really thought about it; some people don't even talk to their cousins or see them or wanna see them, but I'm really grateful that some of mine, are some of my dearest friends! :) From good talks, to goofing off, and just doing nothing . . What can be more fun. ;) Whenever I have the chance, I try to take as many pictures as I can..Because when I'm older, I want to have those memories. . Even if it means using a small digital camera or iPod..and even if I'm in my pajamas with no make up on. :) I'll appreciate it later in life having those pictures. haha! So talking about pictures, I'm going to post a bunch and some may have stories but hey, I've always loved reading ( or typing ). :)

So I'll start out ( Wed.) with a picture of me and my cousin, Kayla. She's like a sister to me and I love her to bits! 

And here is my too sweet, adorable cousin, Andrew! ( with me taken off guard )

Sarah, my sweet dear cousin!

Katey did some photo shoots so be looking to see those!

And yes, I was the "person who held up the light reflector" 

We get silly at night

The next morning, ( Thurs. ) we went "Shopping" ( even though there was little shopping actually done ) it was just spending time with each other that really counted. :) And after shopping, headed out to the Lake front! =)

Isn't he one of the cutest boys?!


And all sorts of braids!

Friday, we stayed home all day and tried to have as much fun as we could!

Alright..So I didn't make a pretty hurt real bad, but it was pretty fun!

Then. . .We (Kayla, Katey and me) take a nice long walk

Later on Friday evening, they eat pizza ( I stick with a green drink ;)  ) 

And Ice cream. . 

So, When you get girls together with lots of sugar in them and play pandora radio. . yeah, dancing may be a side-affect...  ;) There were just too many good songs that that we couldn't pass up! :D And yes, that is Katey's vanity area by her sink were all this happened. haha

  (horrible lighting in these pictures, I know )

yikes! ;)


You read right! :)

So those are just "some" of the pictures I took this past week. I thought I would give mercy and not post all of them. :) . . . I'm dedicating this post to you, Kayla! I know how much fun you had and how we love spending time with each other. I miss you and can't wait for you to come back and visit again!!. . .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random me. . .

Alrighty! I haven't been able to do much blogging this week...Monday and Tuesday I just relaxed and told myself I'd give myself a weeks break of school (let's call it my spring break) and then my dear cousins came over Wednesday and staying until Saturday. So I get to spend some time with them who I don't get to see that often. :) We've been having lots of fun and might I add, lots of pictures are being taken. Not just by me, but Katey's been doing photo secessions, so look forward to seeing some new stuff on her blog.

Today we made a picnic lunch, woke up early (6:30. . We didn't fall asleep till 2:00) and headed out to Mandeville to shop then go to the lake front! It was one of those very awesome/fun/relaxing days..Katey got some pictures of us at the lake front and our plans of having a picnic on the grass were crushed when there was this huge sign that said " No eating or drinking". So we wound up eating in the car then walking a bit. it was all nice in the end!

I'm really getting into Instagram, on my iPod. it's really neat and really fast. So if you have one, you can look me up and start following me on it. :) Anywho, I think I'm going to close this with a picture I edited from Instagram. Katey just bought this book "Way of the Master" Ray Comfort. I heard it's a really great book and can't wait to read it myself ( that is, after Katey finishes it ). :) Y'all have a blessed Friday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered.

A way in which I want to be remembered. . .Well. . .

First and most important, I want to be remembered as the girl who put Christ first in her life before fun. The one who took time to listened to your problems and troubles when no one else did. The girl who annoyed you with meaningless emails (and yes you answered all of them..thanks y'all) I want to be remembered as your friend who asked "How are you doing?"...and really meant it. :) The one who made you laugh in those silent moments and the one who was ALWAYS there for you when you needed someone to talk/vent out to. I want to be remembered as the one that tried to help my friends and family in any which way that I could...As the one who didn't try to act differently around you just for you to like me, but the one who was just herself! And especially the girl who shared with you how awesome God's love is for His Children. 

That's how I would like to be remembered!

Love, to all my dear friends!

~Rachel Pursell~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Me. . .

So I couldn't think of anything specific to blog about today, so I'm just gonna put a bunch of stuff that I can think of at the moment and blog about it! :) First, I'll update you on what I've been up to this week so far. Well really, I haven't been up to much. Just the usual; clean, exercise, jog/run, read, pinterest. :D But tomorrow I'm going into New orleans/Metairie. First, to go to a doctor's appointment. *gulp* . .I think it's just a check up but I dread going to the doctors. That's normal, right? ;)  So after the dreaded appointment, I'm going to head to the mall and try to spring shop of some clothes. That should be fun "said sarcastically" I really don't like shopping at the Lakeside mall. It's so crowded with people, that I start to feel all panicky. You can tell I like being away from the bigger cities. :-) I'm not really sure what my plans are for the weekend but I guess I'll find out when I get there. . . anyhoo, let the randomness of blogging begin! ;-)

~ ~ ~  

Alright. So I was on my Pinterest yesterday and saw something really cool. It was a pin that showed that that you can turn a toaster on its side so you can make grilled cheese without making it in a pan on the stove. I was like "awesome Idea" why didn't I think of that before, right? It toasts on both sides as it melts the cheese. "I'm gonna try that" I said. Well, bad idea. I turned the toaster on it's side, put the cheese on the bread and the bread into the toaster then turn it on. While I wait, there's a little smoke, so I get a magazine and start waving it over to get the smoke to go away. I thought it was only crumbs at the bottom that made that smoke. Well after about forty seconds with the toaster on, There was a ton of smoke that appeared in less than a couple of I turn it back to how it's supposed to be and I took a look in and what do I see. . fire. yeah, you can say I freaked out. It wasn't just a little fire. It was enough for me to grab the fire extinguisher and almost spray. I first unplugged the darn thing and blew a few times. like "blewwww" . . It worked and I didn't have to use the extinguisher. "sigh" . . .So that's why we shouldn't do stupid things like tip toaster ovens on the side because we are too lazy to dirty a pan. :) Oh well. That made today a little interesting. 

 ~ ~ ~ 

I'm not really sure If I mentioned before, but I made myself a tumblr account. not that I don't have enough stuff to occupy my time right now :) but I wanted to follow a couple peoples tumblrs that I wanted for a while and you can't follow someones tunblr unless you have an account. :) But it's super easy and fast to use. So whenever I have an extra minute, I'll  post something here and there on it. If you wanna check it out, click Here to see it. Like I said, it's nothing big or fancy :)

~ ~ ~

I like this picture. . .

Popcorn = me :-D happy

~ ~ ~

I'm listening to my pandora right now and a song just past that made me smile. I love songs that are inspirational to me or songs with lyrics that pertain to what's going on in my life at the moment. This song I listened to is very inspiring, and it is sung by one of my favorite Christian singers, Phil Wickham. 

In My Love - Phil Wickham

"There is a reason, there is a plan, there is a God who understands; He's got your life inside His hands, have no fear, 'cause He says. ."In all your hurt, in all your pain, I'll never leave, I wont forsake. You're my child, and I'm your God, come rest in my love." . . Very encouraging lyrics. The Lord is always there when I feel like no one else is. He will never forsake me..only have open arms for me to run into. What a great God we have to praise and give glory to!

~ ~ ~

Well I think that will do for now! And I think I may keep this "Random me" thing going on when I can't think of any other thing to blog about. :)  I hope you all have a happy Friday! - God bless!!

-Love to all


Monday, April 16, 2012

Wisdom From God

~ When you are being tested, you need to recognize your need of strength, and you must look for a greater resource to hold onto in the midst of the trial- God Himslef! The search for wisdom is man's supreme search. For those who know and love the Lord, He provides that wisdom.
This kind of wisdom is not philosophical speculated, but the absolutes of God's will - The divine wisdom that is pure and peaceable (James 3:17). Divine wisdom results in right conduct in all of life's matters. When some Christians go through troubles, their first response is to run to some other human resource. Although God may work through other believers, your initial response to trials should be to ask God directly for wisdom that will allow you to be joyous and submissive in finding and carrying out God's will. 
This verse here "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" ( James 1:5) is a command to pray. it is as mandatory as Paul's instruction to "pray without ceasing" ( 1 Thess. 5:17). Trials are intended to drive us to  dependency on God by making us realize we have no sufficient human resources.
I believe God will provide the wisdom to understand any trial if we will ask Him. If we don't ask, the Lord may allow the trial to continue until we demonstrate that we learned to be dependent on Him through the trial. 
If you lack wisdom, you're command to ask God for it. Wisdom is never withheld from a believer who needs it and asks for it as he perseveres through a trial. Isn't that a wonderful promise? Sometimes we don't ask; we do everything but ask God. We ought to be on our knees crying out from our hearts for God to give us His direction. 

-- John Macarthur (reference- Truth for Today)

~ For the Lord gives wisdom- proverbs 2:6 ~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Another Saturday. . .

Okay! This post isn't something exciting or fascinating, but I thought I'd just start to post here and there some of what I do on a daily'll get to know me better, like things I like to do . . etc! Today was a typical Saturday. The Ones I love..The "sleep late, clean up, and do what ever you want the rest of the day" ahh! the joys of being young.. ;) 
So I know when I go on other peoples blogs, pictures make it easier to picture what they're trying to tell..I've asked some of my friends and they say they like it better when people add pictures. makes it more interesting they say.. I can't blame um, it does help with the imagination part. :) So Here's what I did on my typical Saturday. . .

Yes, our Saturdays are usually what we call our "clean the house" day. Not that we don't try to keep the house clean throughout the week. ;) We just put Saturdays as the day where we do more of the "deeper" cleaning.. vacuum, mop, dust, scrub. . . But I don't mind the least.. It's usually the time I get to think on stuff that I'm usually bothered by doing other stuff. 


So yes, I like to keep active! For my health. . I love the feeling of working out really hard! 

So my family and I started watching these health foods shows and how bad it is to eat processed foods and meats so we are going veggie/fruit crazy at our house over here. :) We juice fruits and veggies for two of our three meals a day. It has been benefiting our healthy very much. We all feel so much better and energetic since We started doing this. We are also trying to stay away from any type of meats right now. trying to wait and eat it once a week. It's been pretty hard because, me being a southern girl likes her meat. hehe but it will help in the long run! 

Yes, there was a lot of basket ball playing today. I like to play with my Daddy because he plays so well and I like him to teach me all his tricks! He was a coach on a basket ball team so I guess that helped..I still think he likes to show off how well he plays to us kids. ;) Emily, surprisingly being still short as she is, plays pretty well. And do excuse the way I look. After cleaning, baking stuff for a someone who just had a baby, exercised, played basket ball, I don't think I'd look too spiffy. ha..But that's life..there's a time to look better and a time to just put your hair up and sweat a bit. 

Okay! So After I exercised, I guess I had this high to just go running. So I did, and it was pure awesomeness ( I like my made up words, ok?). . The weather was gorgeous and I today I realized that I do really love running.. I think I'll be doing more of that now, since I realized how how awesome it makes me feel! :-D

~ ~ ~

And to sum it all up, I read a book till I fell asleep!

Well that's about it folks! That's the story of me and how I spent my quiet Saturday doing the stuff I love! Until next time, God Bless. . .